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Keşkül, a traditional Ottoman Desert

When I was a child, there were no malls or giant shopping centers to hang around as a kid or a teenager, so only places we were allowed to hang around with friends were Pastanes, literally “house of sweets”.  Apart from traditional desert sellers who used to sell baklava and related deserts, Pastanes were filled with layered cakes, custards, rice puddings, profiteroles and variety of ice creams. Different colors of creamy desserts  used to line up behind the glass door of the cooler. As a child I used to indulge myself in soup anglaise ( a cholocate custard with little cake pieces in it) and I never understood why some people would prefer to eat something without chocolate. 😛

Later, as I grew old I became an almond addict. I became obsessed  everything with almonds, from marzipan to roasted almonds, from amaretto to almond butter. And a friend of mine asked me if I like keşkül. I remember giving him a blank look: “I never really tried it, isn’t it just a plain custard with egg yolks?” My friend told me me that it is a pudding made with grounded almonds! Thus, my search for the perfect keşkül started. (more…)

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