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Celery Roots in Olive Oil

They say greatest loves born out of greatest hates.  I had a love/hate relationship with celery roots ( or celeriacs as some people call them)  . These root vegetables have a very strong odor that would infuse all home while cooking, and I used to hate it as a child.  To make things worse, it was my mom’s favorite vegetable, and  was also probably one of the few vegetables that used to be around in winter time before the advent of greenhouse farming. (Yes, I know we can have eggplants in December now, but back then it was not the case! 🙂 )

As  combined result of the convenience and my mom’s gustatory taste, we had celery roots almost every week: in olive oil, with lamb, with potatoes, salads….you name it. I hated it and declined to eat it in any form back then.  Even though picking food was not allowed in our house, celery roots was exempt from that and I have successfully avoided them for a very long time. (more…)

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